PGA Professionals

If you are looking for a PGA Professional,with passion and determination to help you make the most of your golfing ambitions then I'm confident we will be of service to you. We are based at Nelspruit Golf Club which is situated in the Matumi Golf Estate, Mpumalanga.

I invite you to transform your Golf Swing into a personalised and predictable swing, every time. We use the Swingmodel video analysis system, V1 Swing Analysis as well as Explanar in ourteaching. Bring the fun back into your game whilst not needing to concentrate on the mechanics and enjoy your new found ability.

One Under Golf also has a Junior Golf Academy which takes place on Monday and Tuesday afternoons. In our teaching we promote and develop the students in such a manner that they will be able to play consistent golf throughout, if they choose it to be their profession or just want to enjoy the game.

We also believe that buying the right equipment that will suit your game the best is essential. So come and visit us for a FREE custom fitting from qualified PGA professionals.

Feel free to contact us for coaching or any equipment needs as our prices are in regulation with the national suggested retail prices that you see in all mega stores country wide.



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